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We can provide custom programs for all operating platforms.  From Windows based workstations and servers to Android devices to Web based business applications, we are your total solution provider. We also can integrate barcode scanners and printers to provide a total solution for the customer. We can either work with your current suppliers or use one of our current associated suppliers of barcoding equipment.  If you have Quickbooks® accounting software we can integrate our solutions directly with it.

Our programming is not industry specific, as we have provided solutions to manufacturers, insurance companies, healthcare companies, office suppliers, real estate developers and many others. Our methods are to do a needs assessment with your company. We then can provide you with examples of our work as well as options for integrating other programs and hardware to effect a total solution.

Often customers have a program which is working quite well for them, but they just wish it had some added features. We have many success stories of providing these missing items for our customers. We have often allowed a customer to select a much lower priced accounting package by having us provide the programming which is unique to their business. The result is often much less expensive than purchasing the vertical market software package, designed for their industry. It also has the added benefit of providing a solution which works exactly the way they operate their day-to-day business activities.

Perhaps you need a large scale solution for manufacturing plants throughout the United States. We have already completed such projects, so large or small we can meet your needs.

Case Studies:

Decorative Block Manufacturer: This company was having trouble tracking produced vs. rejected items. Also overproduction of some products was occurring on some of their production lines. We implemented a custom application which generated barcoded labels with unique serial numbers for each item. They then scanned the product at various stages of production and inspection. They then had a "real time" view of their production operations. They also were able to implement much more accurate production planning because of the features we put in the program.

Lab Test Analysis company: This small, two person, company received a file from their source laboratory listing all of the tests they had reviewed. They had developed a system with spreadsheets to analyze the data and then were able to enter the results manually in Quickbooks® for invoicing their work. This was a tedious process, taking about 3 hours to complete. We provided a custom program which imported the data, provided analysis of the data per their requirements and finally created invoices for their customers. The program then sent the invoice information directly into Quickbooks®. This reduced the time from 3 hours to about 10 minutes.

We have many other case studies. Please call us at 888-465-9024 if you would like to discuss the possibilities further. We would be pleased to provide you with references to our satisfied customers.

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