Ultimate Scheduler: Options

Lite Edition

This edition is best described by an example. You are a restaurant manager and you need to schedule your staff. The staff doesn't have PCs at the office because they do not work at a desk; they serve your customers. A single workstation license in your office is perfect. You can then add an unlimited number of staff members (resources) to a single schedule. You can then set up an unlimited number of groups, for example separating your wait persons from your kitchen staff. Possibly you schedule some of the staff as teams, who work together. You can then put them into a group, schedule the group and get your scheduling done faster.

Home Edition

Just like the title of this edition suggests, it is for your family. We preset it with Mom, Dad and up to 5 children. Just use the one workstation license and family members can view and edit their own event schedules. Mom and Dad are preassigned as administrators so they can view all and edit all family members' event schedules. There are no groups with this edition and only a single schedule. By seeing the schedule of all family members it is easy to see conflicts, as each child has music lessons, sports, school activities, etc., including all of those special events you parents need to attend.

Enterprise Edition

If you have an office with many workstations and each person needs to see the schedule of each member of the office, then this is the edition for you. Also, with unlimited groups and schedules you have complete flexibility with dividing up the people by teams and projects. Do you need to schedule availability of meeting rooms and equipment? You can do it with this version.

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